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Our Staff

Dr. Bradley Frederick, D.C.

Dr. Bradley Frederick, D.C.

Dr. Frederick brings over two decades of experience in helping clients reach their health and lifestyle goals. The host of a “To Your Health” television show in the late 90s, Dr. Frederick incorporates the principles of yoga and Eastern medicine as well as state of the art lasers and MUA FRP Technologies into his practice. Dr. Frederick works with clients to remove their limitations and restore balance, health and happiness. Dr. Frederick’s natural line of vitamins, supplements, guided meditation CDs, high powered laser and patented AHL laser protocols, have made him a well respected chiropractic physician to Olympic athletes and the Hollywood elite. Read more about Dr. Bradley Frederick, D.C.

Dr. Lindsey Mathews

Dr. Lindsey Mathews, D.C.

Lindsey Mathews is a chiropractor that specializes in the biomechanics of the body and balancing the musculoskeletal system. She focuses on women's health, perinatal chiropractic, and pediatrics. Lindsey aspires to create purity in pregnancy in today's modern world and empower women to become "birth fit." Lindsey was born in Houston, Texas. She grew up on the river in New Braunfels, Texas. During high school, Lindsey participated in cheerleading and played soccer. While in college, she played intramural soccer and maintained her gymnastic skills while working at the Center for Student Athletes at Texas A&M. She is the proudest member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2005. Read more about Dr. Lindsey Mathews

Dr. Gopal Cabrera

Dr. Gopal Cabrera, D.C.

Gopal has been a great addition to our team; he brings a passion for health along with a functional and holistic approach to treating patients. Prior to receiving his Chiropractic education from Southern California University of Health Sciences, he first acquired a Bachelor of Sciences in Kinesiology from California Polytechnic State University in San Louis Obispo. Growing up in the small town of Grass Valley, California, his love of the outdoors, diverse sports and competition allowed him to understand the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle. While he attended Santa Barbara City College, he continued to challenge his athletic abilities by playing on the school's basketball team. Read more about Gopal Cabrera

Mark Franco

Mark A. Franco, L.Ac.

Mark Anthony Franco, L.Ac. is a California Board Licensed Acupuncturist with nearly two decades of experience. He has led hospital “in-patient” acupuncture studies in Cardiology, Pneumonia, Stroke Rehabilitation, and Pain Management (Pre and Post Operative). Mark Franco, L.Ac. has taught at the leading Chinese Medical Universities in Southern California and was part of an elite team of physicians who developed and launched the first “Doctoral Degree Program in Integrative Reproductive Medicine” in the United States. His reputation is recognized by his colleagues and is seen as a leader and mentor in the Traditional Chinese Medicine profession.

Mark Franco, L.Ac. began studying Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at fourteen years of age, under tutelage of his uncle who was an acupuncturist. While mentoring with his uncle, Mark built a foundation in Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture Theory as well as Auricular Acupuncture from the works of Dr. Paul Nogier. This inspired Mark to adopt the Japanese Acupuncture style of Kiiko Matsumoto, because of it’s practical approach and effectiveness.

His passion for helping and healing people with Acupuncture and Chinese medicine is exemplified in the effective healthcare and treatment he provides to his patients and the wealth of knowledge and experiences he shares with students and colleagues in the Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Community.

Marcus Mcdaniels

Marcus Mcdaniels

Marcus began his journey of health and wellness over ten years ago. While being the personal caregiver for his ailing grandfather, he desired to broaden his horizons from being a chef to discovering a way to contribute to the health care field. His pursuit led him to massage therapy.

Becoming a massage therapist was an organic choice for Marcus, because it allows him to utilize his natural knack for helping others overcome any tribulations. For the past eight years, Marcus has worked for one of the top offices in California for spinal decompression. It has allowed him to work hand in hand in the process of treating conditions of spinal stenosis, disc herniation, bulging and ruptured disc, sciatica, and neck and lower back pain. He also plays an intricate role in the patients care following the decompression program. He personally trains each patient to rehabilitate their bodies, reduce stress, relieve pain, increase relaxation and aid in the general wellness of his clients who strive for future performance without injury. Also in his spare time he volunteers for non-profit organizations especially the epilepsy foundation. With a love for competition tackling triathlons, marathon, and anything that pushes the physical abilities. So the importance of health and wellness drives this force. A life committed to helping others with work that's done from a passion of service and loving the field chosen.