Dr. Bradley Frederick, D.C.

Dr. Frederick brings over two decades of experience in helping clients reach their health and lifestyle goals. The host of a “To Your Health” television show in the late 90s, Dr. Frederick
incorporates the principles of yoga and Eastern medicine as well as state of the art lasers and MUA FRP Technologies into his practice. Dr. Frederick works with clients to remove their limitations and restore balance, health and happiness.

Dr. Frederick’s natural line of vitamins, supplements, guided meditation CDs, high powered laser and patented AHL laser protocols, have made him a well respected chiropractic physician to Olympic athletes and the Hollywood elite, located in Los Angeles, California at the International Sportsmedicine Institute.

Dr. Frederick’’s history includes a vast exploration of the workings of the mind, body and spirit. From age seven, Dr. Frederick has had a burning desire to find the answers about how the universe worked:

“I realized very early in life that I was different. I was intrigued by the balance that leads to health, happiness, and success. I knew instinctively that happiness was a guide and not a destination. I deeply understood our connected nature; I could not help others without helping myself.”

By age 14, Dr. Frederick had taught himself architectural drawing and he began designing and building custom homes. Because of the speed of his successes, Dr. Frederick learned some very valuable lessons.

“I knew without awareness in any moment, the joy of living was lost. We must spend time receiving the gifts. That means cultivating or practicing awareness in order to have enjoyment (being in a state of joy). Joyous peaceful bliss was the state I desired to attain. I was fascinated by knowledge but craved the wisdom of the universe; the kind of wisdom that seems to manifest from nowhere to now here.”

Knowing that helping people was his calling, Dr. Frederick became a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1984.

Within months of beginning to practice chiropractic, Dr. Frederick helped a nearly crippled Australian Swimmer, Mark Stockwell, win two medals in the 1984 Olympics.

“I had certain doubts about chiropractic like any scientist, but was blessed early in my career to have met a patient who had full confidence in me and no doubts about chiropractic treatment. When I was still doing my internship a patient asked me to come to the hospital to treat her baby that had been born blue. I told her I could not, for many reasons including not being licensed to practice yet. She insisted that I at least go to the hospital. Once there, I was shown a baby in ICU with tubes, incubators and many machines attached to his little body. The patient asked me to simply put my hand on the babies back. When I did I noticed a bulge at T-4 and with two fingers and a quick prayer I pushed gently. Immediately the color came into the baby’s body and he began to move seeming to be smiling and crying. We all cried tears of joy that day.”

Dr. Frederick worked for over ten years specializing in biomechanics (studying body movements) with a goal of maximizing potential and performance and the prerequisite of reducing injuries. In 1983 he joined Dr. Leroy Perry at the International Sportsmedicine Institute and in 1986 he became the Director of Doctors at the International Sports Medicine Institute (ISI), in West Los Angeles.

Dr. Frederick has taught sports medicine throughout the country and in Central America. Dr. Frederick was the keynote speaker at the request of the Central American Olympic doctors association and of Fidel Castro.

During his career at ISI, Dr. Bradley Frederick has worked with professional athletes and sports teams, CEOs and celebrities. For the first 10 years, Dr. Frederick’’s primary focus was on the body, maximizing potential and reducing injury through proper biomechanics and enhanced flexibility and nutrition.

Dr. Frederick personally rehabilitated NFL quarterback Warren Moon after he had been hurt and shoulder surgery failed.

“I really enjoyed helping athletes become more efficient and effective. But somehow it began to seem that my practice and methodologies were becoming rote and it began to lose its challenge. Additionally, the athletes would win metals and get large contracts but their interior lives were never really evolved. These incredible performers were somehow out of balance with nature and the universe. Their worlds revolved around simply winning, and something was flawed about that.”

Dr. Frederick continues to work with celebrities getting them ready for movies, working with people like Cybill Shepherd, Ted Dansen, Colin Farrell, Sharon Stone, Jane Fonda, Angela Lansbury, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jim Carrey and a host of others. Dr. Frederick is also a go-to guy to get celebrities ready and keep them in the movies.

In 1996, Dr. Frederick began hosting a television health show called “To Your Health.” He produced over 40 half-hour shows and had celebrity guests and experts in all areas of holistic health care.

“I think it really became clear that results were important, but the awareness of something more important became more and more evident as I began to manifest my goals.”

In 1998, after earning many awards and accolades, Dr. Frederick wanted to help a broader number of patients and ventured on a new path. This critical transition and journey expanded to include the incorporation of the concepts of yoga and Eastern medicine philosophy. When he combined these with the principles of quantum physics (the understanding of how energy and particles come together to make form), the science of biofeedback and guided imagery, he was able to produce miraculous health and success far beyond what he thought medically possible.

“I really didn’t even know how or why, but the results of combining many ancient and modern techniques, were outside the intellectual capacity of my mind. My very first patient that I used this new technique on had actually been a patient for years. My former treatments never gave her more than nominal, temporary relief of her symptoms. But when I did this combined treatment technique, she got up off the table and cried. My first thoughts were, “What have I done?” And then something miraculous happened, for the first time in 10 years of treating this patient she smiled and laughed.”

“I have no pain, thank you, thank you, it’s a miracle.” she exclaimed.”

The power of this new treatment corridor has lead to the manifestation of many miracles and continues to amaze even Dr. Frederick.

“The power of the mind to direct and focus energy is beyond anything I can clearly explain. However, if one can begin to understand the manifestation of all miracles is nothing more than an expanded awareness of the infinite potential within each of us, then one can begin the journey to a life of unbelievable proportions and miracles.”

In the 2004 Summer Olympic Games, Dr. Frederick personally worked with two athletes using this technique, Allyson Felix and Joanna Hayes. Both were not expected to make the Olympic team. But they both went on to break Olympic records and one broke a world record.

“We are all conditioned to what is possible; so we give up all hope of the impossible. These runners were able to break the records because their limiting beliefs were removed. It really is that simple; whether it’s the miracle of curing cancer or of breaking records, the source is always the same.”

This technique Dr. Frederick now calls “Dr. Frederick’’s Satori.” It combines complex toning, entrainment concepts, binaural beats, guided imagery and other ancient and modern technologies to remove the limitations to the power within.

“My Satori Technique is a balancing of the mind, body and spirit. It is designed not to inform, but to allow access to the limitless possibilities within one’s own mind and body”.

The combination of Dr. Frederick’s chiropractic techniques, his Satori concepts and the proper nutritional supplementation has given Dr. Frederick’’s patients miraculous and amazing results. These patients have reached potentials, while finding the right balance of the mind, body and spirit.

“Health, happiness and success are no accident. Bliss and healing are the result of the right balance of one’s doing and one’s being.”

Just when Dr. Frederick thought his healing techniques were really at optimal levels, he once again began to explore new technologies that would not require the patient to do anything. In 2005, Dr. Frederick began to explore a new way to enhance healing, through the use of lasers.

“The research was very convincing, if you could deliver a usable energy directly to the cells you, would enhance the cells ability to heal and reproduce and rid the area of damaged tissues.”

The concept has been researched and in practice for many years in other countries. In the USA it was not until 2002 when the first FDA approved trial was completed by the Microlight Corporation with CEO Mike Barbour. This large double blind study involving Baylor Medical College and GM proved the efficacy of lasers in healing carpel tunnel, having a 30% higher efficacy than traditional physical therapy, medications and surgery.

“I knew that if energy could be delivered directly to the cells without harming or overwhelming the environment that this would become the future of medicine. Once I found out about the Microlight laser I began using it immediately. It was then that I started a journey that lead me to learn all that I could about laser therapy.”

In 2008, Dr. Frederick took the fundamentals in lasers and medicine course offered by ASLMS (American society of Lasers in medicine and Surgery) and he also founded AHL (American Health Lasers). In 2008, Dr. Frederick became the first doctor in the United States to have the world’s highest peak power therapeutic laser.

“My first concern was safety and my second concern was how I can get the energy to the deep tissues.”

The answers came when Dr. Frederick found a laser from Italy that had a special patented computer control system that put the laser energy in very small, powerful packets. The computer would adjust, allowing for proper thermal relaxation times as high intensity energies were used. With FDA approval, Dr. Frederick immediately brought the laser here to the United States.

“Over a two year period, we have now developed protocols that allow us to use our lasers in ways never thought possible. We can treat deep pathologies and acute injuries with high powered lasers–this has never been done before. We have accomplished this by carefully monitoring temperature changes and combining our technology with cooling systems. We are now healing musculoskeletal injuries faster than ever thought possible. We can also get immediate pain relief and patients state our treatments are more comfortable and produce better results than any other laser treatments.”

Dr. Frederick has displayed his laser technologies and protocols at the NBA Trainers Association in Chicago and in Arizona at the MLB spring training in 2009, as well as for many NBA, NFL, MLB trainers.

Most trainers have been exposed to laser technology–almost every professional team owns a laser. But no team or trainer has experienced greater efficacy than the protocols designed by Dr Frederick and employed by AHL.

“When beginning treatment with a new team there is always a certain amount of distrust or apprehension about our technology. But by the time they see it in action and hear how and why our technology and protocols are different, the trainers generally line there most prized players up for treatment. It is rewarding and gratifying to be able to help these players and trainers. I am honored to work with such truly dedicated group of professionals.”

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Read La Confidential Article


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