Fibrosis Release Procedure

On many patients we implement a specific set of fibrosis release procedures developed by Medical Doctors to reduce chronic nerve pain. This technique is designed to ‘floss’ the nerve through the nerve channels at the spine. This non-invasive ‘flossing’, is intended to free up the nerve from any bound scar tissue surrounding it. This works great for people looking for a non-surgical, non-invasive approach to treating conditions such as sciatica (radiating leg pain) or arm tingling and numbness. This technique has also been proven effective even when surgery or pain medications have failed.

In some rare cases, we must do the manipulation and fibrosis release procedures under anesthesia. Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA) /Fibrosis Release Procedures (FRP) are neither new nor experimental. It has actually been practiced since the late 1930’s and used by osteopathic physicians and orthopedic surgeons for many years as a proven form of treatment. During the past twenty five years, interest in MUA/FRP has greatly increased thanks to tremendous advances lately achieved in the science of anesthesiology.

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