Other Services


A type of Electrical Stimulation that drives a specific salt and iodine solution into the affected cells to flush out inflamation and decrease pain.


A deep heating tool used for chronic type pain and muscle spasms.


A soothing sound wave designed to create a deep heating effect to stimulate blood flow and cellular circulation.


A specific taping technique with various uses in both Professional athletics and everyday function and swelling.

Orthotics Casting

We customize foot orthotics based on the patient’s condition. Orthotics address various hip, knee, back, foot and ankle biomechanical dysfunction.

Myofascial Release Technique (MRT)

Specific soft tissue mobilization based on tight, spasmed muscles and joints to help release the muscle and regain proper joint range of motion and function.

Gait Training

We observe your gait (the way you walk and/or run) when indicated or desired in order to gain more insight into possible underlying musculoskeletal imbalances which may contribute to a patient’s particular condition. This works well with conditions that just won’t seem to go away, as well as with athletes who either want to gain a competitive edge or help treat a recurring condition.

Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS)

Used by many athletic trainers, the DMS provides deep muscle tissue therapy with kinetic percussion and concussion vibration, which in turn helps the patient:

  • Increase circulation
  • Reduce pain
  • Increase rehabilitation from injury
  • Increase the lymphatic flow
  • Break up scar tissue
  • Reduce lactic acid build up
  • Help with tissue regeneration

Our Mission

To help reduce pain and suffering in the world, while at the same time increasing consciousness.